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Relax Kids was set up in 2001 by Marneta Viegas who noticed a decline in childrens concentration and behaviour.
She saw the way forward in developing childrens relaxation skilling using a planned and structured program.
The first pilot set up to test the effectiveness of the Relax Kids program was in Knowsley.
After 3 years of using Relax Kids daily, exclusions were reduced from 19 in a year to zero.
Ofsted gave the school an ‘Outstanding’ for Emotional Welfare of pupils in their care.
Relax Kids is now used in over half a million homes and schools in the UK.
Relax Kids also provides a range of relaxation resources - books and CDs to help children manage stress, anxiety and anger whilst building their self-esteem and confidence.
The Relax Kids classes include a 7 step system to teaching children to feel calm, focused and relaxed.
Classes include dance and movement, drama and relaxation games, stretching, peer massage, breathing, affirmations and mindfulness and visualisations.

Improve concentration, help to reduce angry out bursts, lower stress levels and promote self belief.

Relax Kids can also help reduce temper tantrums and improve sleep. Relax Kids is beneficial to all children, teaching them skills that will last a life time.

Although there has not been any clinical research into the benefit of Relax Kids for ADHD, many children that suffer from ADHD have attended and shown remarkable improvement.
All classes are fun filled and designed to help children understand their bodies and learn appropriate ways of communicating their needs without the need for tears and frustrations and temper tantrums. They have been proven to develop social skills, speaking and listening skills as well as improve concentration and aid a better night sleep.
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