Helping children & adults to manage big emotions gain confidence, and develop a can-do attitude!

Relax Kids Milton Keynes

Wellbeing sessions delivered by AIW Consultancy provide a range of relaxation techniques to help children & adults manage stress, anxiety and anger whilst building their self-esteem and confidence.
Confident Kids sessions strive to teach children to feel calm, focused and relaxed.
Sessions include playful movement, light yoga like stretching, peer massage of head and shoulders, breathing exercises, and positive talk. These sessions also aim to teach children to be mindful and practice meditation

Wellbeing sessions can :

Improve concentration, help to reduce angry out bursts, lower stress levels and promote self belief.

Confident Kids & Chilled Teen sessions can also help reduce temper tantrums / angry out bursts and improve sleep. Confident Kids & Chilled Teen Wellbeing sessions are beneficial to all children, teaching them skills that will last a life time.

Although there has not been a lot of clinical research into the benefit of Mindfulness and Meditation for those who have ADHD, we have had very positive feedback from parents who have said that our Wellbeing sessions have helped their child to be more calm and able to focus more at school.

Sessions are suitable for everyone regardless of SEN or NOT. Sessions are fun filled and designed to help children understand their bodies and learn appropriate ways of communicating their needs without the need for tears and frustrations and temper tantrums. They have been proven to develop social skills, speaking and listening skills as well as improve concentration and aid a better night sleep.

We are also licensed to provide the amazing GoZen programme.

GoZen! provides life-enhancing programs taught via animated videos.

Children watch engaging and entertaining cartoons to learn skills of resilience, wellbeing and managing anxieties.

Completing workbooks and quizzes to enrich their experience as well as learning mindfulness.

Call today to start seeing the benefits of one of our wellbeing sessions:

Confident Kids sessions for children aged 2- 10

Chilled Teen sessions for those secondary school age

Time Out sessions for all adults

GoZen for children aged 6-16